Three Things You Should Know

1. Enroll as soon as you are eligible to avoid paying late penalties.

If you are eligible for Medicare but have not enrolled in Medicare Part D or other qualified coverage, you are accruing a 1% per month penalty. If you wait 12 months, you may pay an additional 12% on your premiums. You can sign up between October 15th and December 7th.

2. Talk with a representative who will help you pick a plan that includes the drugs you are using.

Not all plans have the extensive list of covered drugs that EMI Health has. As a local company, we understand your needs. Let us help you choose a plan that will save you money and provide you with the best possible benefit.

3. If you have a limited income and resources, you may qualify for a reduced premium.

Medicare Part D prescription drug plan is designed to help you. Call us to find out if you qualify for reduced premiums.